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All content in this site is either prepared by our team or submitted by our members. For video, quiz and answer member can submit their content for approval. In case of video we usually approve YouTube, Facebook and other social media video as iframe. We don’t host video in our server.

In the unfortunate situation where you find the content published in this website violates your copy rights or your content is reproduced here without your permission or your personal information is displayed here that affects your privacy, please feel free to contact us: [email protected].

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It is practically impossible to learn and follow the copyright laws of all countries where our website is accessed. However, we have tried our best to adhere to all general copyright policies that are widely practiced by webmasters worldwide.

As a general practice, we follow Digital Millennium Copyright Act of USA. If you have any concerns regarding any content published in this website, please report it to us along with the following details:

URL of the page in this site where your copyright is violated or the information you do not want to published is displayed. Relevant portion of the text to help us understand what is the information you are concerned about. For example, if you are reporting that your phone number is displayed in a web page in this site, you must tell us what is the phone number you are referring to. That will help us locate the phone number and remove.

If you are reporting copyright violation, provide links to the original content. If the content is reproduced from your printed book, tell us name of the book, name of publisher and probably a link to purchase the book online. Justify why you are claiming removal of content. If you are reporting copyright violation, give us some details to convince us that you are the original owner of the content.

Typically, when we receive a DMCA a notice, we will remove the content temporarily and then give a chance to the publisher to explain his part. If he disagree with your claims, we will discuss this further and make a decision after further review of the content. If you have any questions or like to report a copy right issue, please Contact us: [email protected]